Akteos incorporates Nolores per 1 september 2017

Dear reader,

We herewith inform you that the activities of Nolores B.V. will be incorporated into Akteos Netherlands B.V. as of 1 September 2017

Akteos is the leading specialist in Cross-Cultural Management and helps global firms and organizations to improve their competitiveness worldwide. They offer intra-company or inter-company training  courses to help managers and teams to decipher cultural behaviours, acquire intercultural communication skills, negotiate worldwide and manage international teams

Nolores  is an international coaching-, training- and consulting-company, active in intercultural awareness improvement. They deliver a pallet of solutions to companies to help realizing their international business dreams and to reach their full international potential.

As Akteos and Nolores are complementary in the field of cross-cultural management programs and consultancy, we believe we will create new opportunities and further improvement of our services to your organization.

From 01/09/2017 you can contact Anne-Marie van Schaik and/or Bart Koetsier from Akteos who will answer your requests and questions.

AnneMarie.vanSchaik@akteos.nl and/or Bart.koetsier@akteos.nl


Akteos Netherlands Rhijnspoorplein 32 (7 floor) 1018 TX AMSTERDAM Tel: +31 (0)88 02 88 090 Web: www.akteos.nl

We would like to thank you very much for our nice cooperation and are looking forward to meeting you soon!

All best regards,

Willem Beunis                                                 Cintha Roersma                                             

Managing Partner Nolores                        Managing Partner Akteos NL   

Beunis.willem@gmail.com                        Cintha.Roersma@akteos.nl


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