“Comenius would have been proud”

Press-release, March 2017


With pleasure we announce that The Comenius Museum and Mausoleum, and Nolores B.V., both located in Naarden (NL), have signed an agreement to cooperate in a public-private partnership as per March 2017.

The Comenius Museum is committed to bringing the ideas of Comenius to the attention of the public through exhibitions, lectures, publications and other activities.

Nolores is a young international coaching and training consultancy company, specialized in cross-cultural behaviour.

The two organizations are complementary to each other and, because both focus on promoting learning and international understanding, it was decided to start a partnership.


Jan Amos Comenius was born in 1592 in Moravia in what is now the Czech Republic. He became known world-wide as a pedagogue, theologian, philosopher, diplomat, politician and entrepreneur. His work and ideas brought him to England, Sweden, Poland, Hungary and The Netherlands. He died in The Netherlands in 1670.

Comenius lived in an era of discoverers and reformers during which people became curious about the world around them. In a time of polarisation and political problems, Comenius had an eye for the differences between rich and poor countries, between power and the lack of it, between authority and justice. In his view, the world had got out of balance and within families, school, church and society changes in behaviour were needed to achieve harmony between the people and their environment.

As a remedy against the wars that scourged his time, he advocated the establishment of a College of Light, a Church Council, and a politically secular Tribunal. He thought that such institutions should be able to promote knowledge and understanding, and prevent or solve religious and political conflicts. Thoughts along these lines would three centuries later lead to the creation of UNESCO, the World Council of Churches and the United Nations.

Comenius’s ideas about practical teaching methods and life-long learning were revolutionary and are still successfully used today.

The Comenius Museum works together with national and international institutions. Most activities take place in the Museum at the Kloosterstraat 33 in Naarden and in the adjacent mausoleum.


Nolores delivers a set of practical solutions to companies, organizations and individuals to help them realise their business goals, especially with regard to their international activities. With a team of international experts, Nolores focuses on improvement of intercultural and cross-cultural awareness and provides training and business solutions in this field.

The ‘Advancing X-cultural competencies’ methodology used by Nolores is based on the conviction that business comes with trust and trust comes with understanding. This approach brings people together and improves (international) cooperation between individuals, organizations and business companies.

Nolores works together with (inter)national organisations and institutions such as the World Trade Centre Academy, national academic institutions and Chambers of Commerce in various countries.


Fully in line with Comenius’s ideas, Nolores will organise business training and coaching sessions in the Comenius Museum. A percentage of the revenues will go to the foundation to support its activities. Nolores will also assist the Comenius Museum in further fundraising and e-marketing. The Comenius Museum will facilitate the training sessions and also take part in the programme and contribute information on the methods developed by Comenius.

Willem Beunis, Managing Partner of Nolores B.V.:

“Comenius’s approach is very actual in the present era and we see him as a truly cross-cultural entrepreneur ‘avant-la-lettre’. I am very happy that we met Hans van der Linde and that we have come to this cooperation. We will support his charming organization and team while in return we get the possibility to locate our activities in the motivating intercultural atmosphere of the Comenius Museum. Congratulations to Hans and Pieter Goedhart for their open- mindedness that led to matching our two worlds together. I am fully convinced that Comenius would have been proud of our mutual initiative.”

Hans van der Linde, director of the Comenius Museum and Mausoleum:

“It is not common to meet people who are open to connecting cultural ideas and business in a way that benefits both parties. To me it was a magic moment to meet Willem Beunis and share thoughts on Comenius’s world view and his ideas on how people on this planet should live and work together. For the Comenius Museum it is both a privilege and an opportunity to work together with Nolores in their work to provide people with knowledge and skills that enable them to be successful in their international work. It is exciting to explore what we can do for each other! Indeed, I also think Comenius would have been content.


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